When to Seek out Treatment for Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is one of the common pains that we experience as the shoulder is one of the parts of the body that we frequently use. But there are different levels of pain so you should know when to seek treatment if the pain becomes severe.

Orthopaedic doctors provide treatment for shoulder and elbow pain. If you are experiencing continuous pain, you can visit the Melbourne shoulder institute to get the opinion of a professional. There are many imaging equipment such as ultrasounds, MRIs and X-rays that can give a better understanding of the issue. There are many causes of shoulder pain. It can be due to an injury or a bad fall that you have taken in an accident. This will result in immediate pain after the incident. There is also shoulder pain that you can experience over some time due to wear and tear on the joints. When there is a shoulder injury, you will not be able to experience the full range of motion of your shoulder. Try and see if you can lift your arms above the head or whether you are able to straighten out your elbow.

There will be pain when you move your shoulder as well. You need to identify the level of pain you are experiencing. If you are experiencing pain when you are at rest as well, it is best to contact an orthopaedic doctor. Shoulder pain can get in the way of normal life as well. You can find it hard to sleep as it is difficult to find a position in that you are comfortable. Your shoulder or arm can be numb or there can be some tingling in the area. You may have ongoing pain that worsens over time. So whenever you are experiencing these symptoms, you need to make an appointment at the nearest orthopaedic clinic so that you can find some relief. It is best to seek treatment at the beginning so that further damage to the shoulder and the surrounding areas are prevented. This will also ensure that you have a faster healing duration.

The duration of pain is also significant. It is important that you contact an orthopaedic doctor and make an appointment at the clinic if your shoulder pain lasts for more than a month. If you had experienced a fall or any injury and you don’t feel better within two to four weeks, you will need to have an orthopaedic surgeon inspect your shoulder. In the event of an injury, when you are experiencing severe shoulder pain, it is best to visit urgent care immediately so that you receive medical attention. Urgent care is for emergencies that are not life-threatening. If you feel that are unable to move your arm and are experiencing severe pain where the injury is, it is a good idea to visit urgent care. They will be able to handle dislocation of the shoulder or any deformity that the shoulder has gone through as a result of the injury.

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