Understanding Animal Chiropractic Care

Animal chiropractors help restore balance to animals by modulating their nervous systems. There are different treatment options. The parts of the body are not treated separately; treatment is provided by looking at how different areas of the body work together. The chiropractor will manipulate soft tissue of the animal to stimulate certain joints and receptors. And there are specific adjustments that are carried out to include vertebrae and bones. The main objective of this care is to increase the function of neural pathways in the brain by stimulating certain brain receptors. And this will reduce the pain that the animal is suffering and allow them to move normally.

If your pet is exhibiting certain limitations in its movement, you can contact an animal chiropractor Melbourne for an initial consultation to see if they can help. When we look at the nervous system, it is composed of central and peripheral components. The brain is what controls everything and the spinal cord serves to carry out neural communications and coordinate reflexes. The skeletal muscles are controlled by the somatic system. The internal organs, blood vessels and glands are controlled by the autonomic system. All of these neurological functions should perform at an optimal level to ensure the health of the body.

Chiropractic care can be given to any animal but it is best to consult with a veterinarian before you proceed with treatment. Most of the time, when an animal is in pain normal blood flow may be obstructed to tissue which affects oxygen and nutrients that are going into it. There may be waste products from the tissue that are not removed effectively because of the limited blood flow. This causes inflammation in that area and it can delay the healing as well. When this process continues, the normal tissue is slowly reduced and scar tissue will form. The muscle will atrophy as there is no sufficient movement and this can lead to further problems. At this stage, there are treatment will need to be done several times to relieve pain and restore normal neurologic function of the animal. You will also be informed of various exercises that the animal should be engaged in and what changes can be done to the diet to get more benefit from the treatment.

When you are first evaluating whether chiropractic care is the best treatment for your pet, you need to look at a few factors. You need to have an expert carry out a baseline evaluation when your pet is young. Other instances when animals should be evaluated are when they have undergone sedation for a surgery or any other procedure. When they are kept under sedation, they will stay in a specific position for a long time and this can make their body movement a little sore. So a chiropractor will be able to look into it and see how to restore normal motion and promote a balanced neurological system. If there is any change in the function of the pet or they are exhibiting changes in their level of activity, it is best to evaluate them. These treatments are non-surgical and drug free. Your pet doesn’t need to be sick to receive treatment. Healthy pets can be evaluated as well. Your pet will be able to have increased movement, healthy metabolism and improved performance that will help them live a healthy pain free life.

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