How to Use Instagram Marketing Effectively for Your Business


Instagram is not a great platform to drive traffic to your business although it may seem like it does. Instagram is a platform that performs a greater role in society than collecting followers. Instagram and other social media platforms provide individuals with an opportunity to make meaningful connections with other individuals basis shared values. It is this connection that makes an individual’s or business’s audiencereceptive to its messaging.

If you speak to any instagram marketing agency Brisbane you will realise that the teams in these agencies create content for Instagram with this basic premise in mind. Your business does not influence an audience that does not connect with you at an emotional level. 

Start with a thorough investigation and understanding of your business’s brand story. The reason for this is that knowing what you stand for and what you deliver (as different to the competition) will lead to consistency in your content and messaging. Over time, consistency in tone of voice and messaging values will pave the way to building a strong brand image. So, stay true to your brand value/s in every piece of content that you produce and communicate.

Use the simplicity of the platform to your advantage by making use of available tools to maximise your brand’s reach. For example, you can choose to use hashtags so that those who search for hashtags that match their interests can discover your content. Place trending Instagram hashtags in your descriptions to enhance your reach. Tagging is another way to extend your reach. Using an @ sign in front of the username of another account will return a result when people search for that user. You can also use the web profiles facility to reach out to users outside of the mobile app by displaying videos and images. Your business can also benefit greatly by using your Instagram pictures over your other social platforms, this creates synergy and helps to grow your followers. 

When deciding to use Instagram for your business, you need to stay committed to a frequent schedule of activity on the account. It is important that you do this with any social media account you choose to use for your business. You can only build by brand by consistently engaging with your followers. Once a week would be a good start, although successful brands post content more regularly. That said, choose a schedule that works for your brand, your followers and your team, the key to success is to be consistent.

Factor in time and resources for using third-party apps and services that allow you to manage aspects of your Instagram account. If you are a small business with minimal staff, using such services can free up your time for focusing on more important tasks related to your business. It is also important that you devote time to evaluating and course-correcting your campaigns and account activity regularly. You can also watch and learn from successful brands. 

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