How to Add Hemp Seeds to Your Diet

Hemp seeds are a great superfood that can aid your nutrition and overall health. And they are quite easy to prepare and eat. If you are thinking that this will get you high, you are mistaken. Even though they are the seeds of the Cannabis sativa plant, ingesting them or using hemp seed oil will not give you any of the effects of being high.

The reason that there are no psychoactive effects from ingesting hemp seeds is that the hemp plant is a different plant. People tend to have this confusion because both the hemp plant and marijuana are of the same species which is Cannabis sativa. There are trace amounts of THC in hemp seed but you will never fail a drug test because you have it in your diet. The most common form of hemp seeds in the market is the inner kernels where the shell has been removed. These are also called hemp hearts. Hemp seed oil can be made from pressing the hemp hearts. Hemp protein is quite popular as hemp seeds contain all the essential amino acids.

It is very easy to add hemp seeds to your diet. You can sprinkle a few hemp seeds on your morning smoothie or cereal. They can be added to salads as well. For those suffering from gluten sensitivity, hemp seeds can become an alternative to breadcrumbs. You can coat fish or meat with hemp seeds which will still give you a crunch when you bite into it. Hemp seed milk is another popular alternative to dairy milk and as it has a nutty flavour, it can be used to create food items for people with nut allergies. Because fatty acids will break down due to the heat of the cooking process, you should use hemp seed oil as a finishing oil only. You can make salad dressings and use it to coat pasta and popcorn.

There are so many ways of adding hemp seeds to your diet. You can add it to the pasta source to create another level of flavour. It will give a nuttiness to the pasta source. You can also add it to your morning yoghurt. You can simply keep some hemp seeds in the fridge and easily access it to sprinkle some on snacks. You can either add the seeds or hemp seed milk to smoothies. This will depend on the texture of the smoothie that you prefer. They can be added to oatmeal or homemade granola. They can also accompany mashed potatoes. You can easily create a healthy lunch with leafy greens and hemp seeds along with a bit of salt and olive oil. If you make chia seed pudding regularly, hemp seeds are a way of mixing up your old recipe and adding a new flavour. You can even add them to your pancakes before you flip them on the pan. When you are sprinkling hemp seeds on smoothies and salads, there is no need to cook them. Therefore, it is a very easy addition. However, you can roast these seeds to bring out more of the nutty flavour.

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