How Diabetes Can Affect Your Foot Health

It is common for diabetic patients to develop foot problems. It is very important that they visit a podiatrist on the first indication of a foot problem as small issues can lead to complications. The cause of these foot problems is neuropathy or nerve damage. This will cause pain in the foot and it will become weak. Neuropathy can lead to loss of feeling in the foot. The danger in this phenomenon is that you can injure your foot and not realise it. Therefore, treatment will not be sought which will lead to further infections and serious issues.

Taking care of your feet is crucial for health especially when you are diabetic. It is best to visit a podiatrist Malvern regularly so they can keep tabs on your foot health and notice any changes. If you experience any pain, it is best to visit the podiatrist immediately. You need to act quickly in order to preserve the health of your feet. You need to look at preventative action when it comes to foot injuries and pain. There are certain habits you can adopt into your daily routine that will make it easy for you to notice any irregularities and also maintain the condition of your feet. You need to wash your feet every day thoroughly. Once you finish washing, you need to dry your feet paying attention to drying between your toes. You should moisturise your feet daily and trim your toenails. It is very important that you check for sores, cuts or redness in the feet. There are socks that you can wear that aid moisture wicking. You can get a recommendation from the podiatrist regarding the footwear so that you know you have selected proper fitting footwear.

You should take care not to walk around barefoot as there is a risk of injury. Even the smallest injury can be a high risk complication. Because you don’t feel pain or any changes in temperature with your feet, you will not notice a foot injury until it becomes a big issue. If you get a blister on your feet, because of neuropathy, you will not feel it. You will carry on walking which will make the effects worse. Neuropathy can change the shape of your feet and toes as well. This will make it difficult for you to find footwear that fit your feet. You can look at special therapeutic shoes that will alleviate the discomfort of improperly fitted shoes.

There are certain changes in skin that can occur with diabetes. Your feet may become dry and start to peel. There can be cracked heels. This dryness is a consequence of nerve damage. Nerve damage will affect how your body maintains oil and moisture levels in the foot. If you suffer from this, you can use petroleum jelly to seal in moisture of your feet after bathing. Make sure that you dry your feet properly first.  However, you should take care not to use lotion or creams between the toes as that may lead to an infection.

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